Drain Dungeon 2 [RPG][English]

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ドレインダンジョン2 ~淫魔の精奴隷~

Company:Flamme Soft
Mega Mediafire

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Drain Dungeon 2
~Cum Slave of the Succubus~

[Story Overview]
“Heya~ my cum-slave boy. Now,
let’s get right to business sucking your levels away~”

One day, a man heads off to explore some ruins,
but it turned out to be a den filled with succubus!
He is caught and turned into their cum-slave by
a special lewd curse.

Every night he must bestow them his levels or writhe in agony.

While being cum sucked dry by the succubi,
for the sake of his younger sister in town,
the man firms his resolve to remove the curse.

[Game System]
When you gain levels and grow strong,
your cum and XP will be delightfully drained by a succubus.
This sort of one-way roguelike-like non-field RPG.

Make your way through dungeons with simple, quick progress.
Discover random events with almost every ecchi scene
resulting in the protagonist’s loss of levels.

There’s nothing particularly hardcore; recommended for fans of mild M.
There is much more erotic content than the previous game.

42 base CGs (about 47 H scenes)
Illustrated by pimoco and Nemuko Urabe
Pixel art by Sumisenchi

800×600 game display
Message skip, backlog features
Scene replay and CG mode

* H scenes resulting from defeat are made accessible in the gallery even if you win.

Created with Wolf RPG Editor.

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