Shi ni Iku Kimi, Yakata ni Mebuku Zouo [Japanese]



Company: Bug System
Year: 2016/07/29
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: Visual Novel / ADV
Genre: Maid, Rape, Gore, Hardcore, Gothic, Slave
Size: 3692.mb
Plataform: Windows
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It happened without any warning.

In a world that was peaceful superior beings suddenly appeared.
They one-sidedly massacred humans and the world was swallowed by a whirlpool of chaos.

While our heroine Mia was shopping with her family, she also fell victim.
With her father, mother, and older sister dead, she desperately tried to escape, but before she could a different superior man appeared before her.
Falling into desperation and prepared to die Mia took up a knife and stabbed the man.

The next second, she lost consciousness.
Not knowing what had happened to her, she felt a great pain on her stomach.

“You hurt my body, now I can’t allow you to die easily. Your sin… deserves ten thousand deaths…”

And so when she recovered her consciousness, Mia was on a bed in a mansion.
She didn’t have a single wound on her body, and she was wearing a dress that didn’t belong to her.

In that mansion she re-encountered that superior man.
He ordered Mia to live in the villa, where he repeatedly did inhumane acts towards her.

Being crushed, stabbed, shot, spilling blood, being decapitated, being eaten, being dismantled…

And every time she woke up she was on a bed in that mansion.
Without a single wound on her body, and wearing a dress that didn’t belong to her.

At that mansion—

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22 octubre, 2016 2:43

Serious guys think two times before play this, i have completed this is for sadists.

Brenmar Montenegro
Brenmar Montenegro
6 agosto, 2016 9:18

tiene el link de otro eroge y no el del eroge q se pone en la inscripcion en mega………….df

Reply to  Brenmar Montenegro
6 agosto, 2016 9:52

arreglado gracias por avisar

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