SENGOKU SLAVE v1.0 [RPG][English]



The protagonist is an exiled princess whose country was burned by the enemy in the Warring States period.She is captured by enemy soldiers, raped and tortured, and turned into a slave for an enemy warlord by a slave trader. The protagonist, named Nanashi, is determined to save her people and reclaim her country…​

Full Description

Adventures of a enslaved princess in a war-torn world! RPG with a focus on eroticism in defeat.
It is a Japanese style RPG with defeat erotic event main. 

All erotic events are animated and basically over 30! Including differences, there are nearly 200 scenes.
There is no complicated system, and the game is simple.

Once viewed, the erotic events can be viewed at any time and all will be released after the game is cleared.

Gameplay time is expected to be around 10 hours.

The protagonist is a princess whose country was destroyed by the enemy in the Warring States period.

She is captured and raped by enemy soldiers and enslaved by slavers to an enemy warlord.

Deprived of her name, she sets out on a journey of battle with the friends she has met in order to save her people and reclaim her country!

Battle system
Legitimate front view battle.

Each character has unique skills such as Fencing, Ninja skills, and Theurgy.

When damaged, clothing is torn and skin is exposed!

Eroticism begins with defeat!
Defeat in battle causes a defeat erotic event!

There is a defeat erotic event dedicated to the boss fight.

If you lose a normal battle, you will be resurrected on the spot, and in a boss battle, you will be resurrected a little before.

The game is not over.

Let’s work in the brothel!
As the story progresses, you will be able to work part-time at the brothel.

Choose one of three courses to serve your customers!

Male characters can also work part-time, but there is no erotic element!

A diverse cast of characters!
SENGOKU SLAVE features a variety of characters.

Some help us, some ask for help, some stand in our way…
Each of them has their own agenda.

At the end of her journey, will she be able to avenge her enemies and regain her homeland?

There are three main heroines, but other female characters also have erotic events!

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