Sarasare Tsuma ~Dame na no ni Chijoku ni Aegu Yuujin no Haha~ [ADV][Japanese]



Japanese | 1.18GB | 19/03/2010

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Kyouko lives a peaceful life with her husband, Tadashi, and her son, Yuji. But there is one thing, she is not satisfied…. It’s her past experience. Just one mistake…. She still keeps it secret…. One day, Yuji invites his friend, Tomoya, to her house. Kyouko feels a presentiment that something bad will happen…. Yes, it actually happens…. Her peaceful life is gradually destroyed….


Kuroda Tomoya 黒田 智也
Voice by –
Chigasaki Anzu 千ヶ崎 杏子

Voice by Hirano Kyouko
Role: Mother, Married
Body: Big Tits
Engages in: Infidelity

Sakurai Shiho 桜井 志保

Voice by Nonomura Saya
Body: Big Tits
Clothes: Pantyhose

Chigasaki Yuuji 千ヶ崎 悠迩
Voice by –
Role: Son
Chigasaki Tadashi 千ヶ崎 忠志
Voice by –
Role: Husband
Subject of Infidelity
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