Raspberyl Castle! 2 ~Erotic Discipline! The Royal Church’s Plot~[Action][Japanese]

Password: www.onlyhgames.com
迷宮街のカーディン -異世界転生悪役令嬢憑依モノ- )

Japanese | 138mb | 2021/10/23

It’s been 4 years, but at last, the time has come to once again venture into Raspberyl Castle…

100 years since the original game, Lady Raspberyl is back to living her lazy life… until swarms of adventurers start attacking all over again! What’s happening this time!?

For this erotic tower defense/action game, all you need to play is a mouse (and maybe a free hand)! Summon different creatures to intercept the invaders and protect the castle!


元のゲームから100年後、Lady Raspberylは怠惰な生活に戻ってきました...冒険家の群れが再び攻撃を開始するまで!今回はどうしたの!?


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