Queen’s Brothel – New Version 0.4.0 Rev1[RPG][English]

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Queen’s Brothel – New Version 0.4.0 Rev1

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Queen’s Brothel is a RPG style game where you, Queen, try to run a successful brothel. You can attract various clients through quests by leveling up certain body parts that they are attracted to. Complete quests to add more girls to your brothel!​

Changelog Version 0.4.0:
Scarlett’s Quest has been changed
The goal was to create a quest that is time consuming so that the player can do other quests and then come back to it. Previously the quest could be completed easily by boosting one girl.
The quest now requires multiple girls and their best skills
Some dialogue has been changed
Quest level requirements have been changed
Futa quest available from the Witch’s shop
Added “Dinner”. Visit the Captain to have dinner with the centaurs. Gives all girls +5 stamina for the day. +100 Throat EXP for all girls
New quest for Scarlett in the club
Krystal’s Quest has been completely changed
Suki’s quest has a principal scene before you enter the school
Gameplay Updates
New animation when receiving and using gold
New clothes and items stat attribute: Timer
Timer stats give you a decrease in time that it takes to fuck a client
Example: 20% timer decrease reduces time taken to fuck the client by 20%
Quest Sex Scenes Added
Queen + Town Shop Keeper – Club Quest (Fuck for Pills)
Queen + Brahm – Mila’s Quest
Suki + Mayor – School Quest
Abigail + Student – Abigail’s Quest
Abigail + 2 Students – Abigail’s Quest
Suki + Student – Abigail’s Quest
Krystal + Captain – Krystal Quest
Suki + Centaur – Krystal’s Quest
Krystal + Twins – Futa Quest
Queen + Khapius – Scarlett Quest
Abigail + Ogre – Scarlett Quest
Suki + Centaur – Scarlett Quest
Mila + Giant – Scarlett Quest
Scarlett – Club Stage Quest
Added gallery pictures for quests you have completed. Gallery button is in your house
Witch’s shop added in the top right part of the map
She has potions that give you a permanent boost in game
Added Futa skill
Client timer calculation is not static anymore
How long it takes to fuck a client is based on item/clothes stats + the difference between your level and the required client level
Timer = Timer – (Timer * (Girl Timer Bonus Stat + ((Girl Skill Level / Client Level) / 10))
Example: Brahm takes 7 seconds and requires level 10. Queen’s new clothes give her a 20% (0.2) timer decrease. Queen’s skill level is 20. This would take Queen 7000 – (7000 * (0.2 + ((20 / 10) / 10))) milliseconds (4200 total)
Added animation for pop up message
Added animation for dialogue
Added animation for leveling up
New clothes for Scarlett – “Hucow”
Alcohol gives a 50% timer decrease as well as the Stamina increase
Krystal’s passive now gives 1 stamina and a 5% timer decrease
Scarlett’s passive increased to 50% (40%)
Tabbing through girls in the brothel will skip over girls that have 0 stamina
Centaur camp entrance costs 5,000 gold instead of 8,000

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