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  1. TTs

    Yousen Tantei Kanou Kagura Mito ~ Kaiki! Ikenie o Motomeru Haikou! Doitsumo Koitsumo Otome o Osoitairashii! Desuno! ~ [RPG][Japanese]Link not working, bakcup link lack of file

  2. Ugly Handsome (all dead) (only mediafire) (ony lolabits) (only mediafire) (only mediafire) (all dead) (all dead)

  3. Daniele Fughelli

    “Onii-chan wa Watashi-tachi no Omocha” freezes at 99% of setup installing. i extracted the first file downloaded and i mounted the biggest one (but not the 5 kb file, because i cant mount 2 files at the same time). then i clicked setup but, as i said, it freezes at 99%. any help?

  4. Toccata

    admin, could you fix the link of Fault!! Ace + Fault!! Service [JAP][PC][ADV] pls?. whenever i tried to open the links, it said “You have been redirected through this website from a suspicious source. We prevented it and you are going to be redirected to our safe web site.” when i try to copy adfly/…. directly, i can’t skip it somehow. please fix it i’ll appreciate that Thanks

  5. Adam

    Help me out please. Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 [Japanese] game crash on me while I am in the middle of the storyline where he is a king of the country. I did try to replay it a lot of time but it keep crashing on me. I was looking forward to watching the ending but now I can’t at all. Anyone have another file of this game that won’t crash on me while I play it?

  6. Adam

    Can anyone please upload Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2? I did try to download all the links but it is dead or file is broken whenever I try to install it. I really want to watch this part. Gaiden 2 is important because I think it show they has his children.

  7. TheGreatOne

    Hey admin you haven’t put my links in the game request. I made two comments one starting with “Slime Musume no Sodatekata” and the other starting with “Idol☆Gyaku” I posted them 11 days ago and they are the first comments of this month. Could you put the links in the pending request as I had already put them in? Thank you

  8. Hentabase

    “Kareshi Inai Reki = Nenrei” Ja, Doushite Ikenai no yo!? ~Sei Torea Gakuen Ren’ai Kinshi Rei~ [Japanese]
    For me, the mediafire link, after the adfly link, crashes and sends me back to the previous tag/closes my window.

  9. Chapotte

    Hola!!, vaya parece que soy el primero en reportar xD, los enlaces de descarga de MEGA del juego Love Rec. estan caidos, y me quedé a la mitad :O bueno espero que tengas tiempo para volverlos a subir ^^


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