Maman’s Dungeon [RPG][Japanese]


ママンズダンジョン (RJ384999)

Japanese | 874mb | 23/04/2022

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hey are on a journey to acquire valuable and expensive items.
Rosa, a female warrior, and her son, Fran.

They visited an underground city, Trough, where a dungeon was magically created
an underground city called Trough, where there is a dungeon created by magic.

To find the “magic stone of the farthest end” in the deepest part of the dungeon
The two began to dive into the dungeon to find the “magic stone of the farthest end” at the deepest part of the dungeon. ……
But they found many demons waiting for them there.

Can the two get the “magic stone of the farthest end” safely?

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7 December, 2022 1:31 pm

link does not open

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