Princess Knight Claris [RPG][English]



Company: Circle * Fairy Flower
Year: 2019/07/20
Language: English
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: RPG
Size: 202.MB
Plataform: Windows
Mega Mediafire
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Claris the princess knight is the most powerful swordswoman and sorceress in the land.
Her hobbies are killing bandits, and spends a lot of time killing harmless bandits.
One day, she gets possessed by a bandit who she had killed!
Now you can decide the fate of the princess knight Claris!

Possess the ultimate princess knight Claris’s body and do whatever you want!
Force her into having sex through H events, control her using hypnosis, get her addicted
to drugs, and even lower her levels to lead her into more H events!

Includes a variety of lewd routes as well as “lewd levels” that can change some H events
from her being unwilling to her wanting sex!

[Change Outfits]
Over 10 outfits in total! Includes armor, maid, student, bunny girl, underwear, bikini armor, and more!

[H Scenes]
Over 100 H scenes total! H scenes change depending on lewd levels, control, and outfits!
Lots of defeat H with monsters and bandits, as well as preg-belly H scenes!

[Various Endings]
You can control Claris to turn her into a slutty princess knight, or complete the game
as a pure virgin princess knight!
You can even sell out your home country in exchange for sex, let her get sold off as a
slave after being used by bandits, and more!

[Even Beginners can Enjoy]
Claris starts the game at maximum strength levels.
You can complete the game without leveling up, and can easily complete the game as
a virgin for bonus content as well!

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

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