Knight of Paise Ellen and Sodom, the city of dungeon[RPG][Japanese]

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Japanese | 756mb | 2021/06/18

“Kukkoro Female Knight RPG” that meets unreasonably erotic eyes

■ A blonde, dignified and bullish female knight. Would you like to embarrass, insult, steal a refuge, hunt down, and conceive such a female knight?


Dungeon — It is the remains of the Demon King era. Infinite monsters spring up from there, but at the same time, “treasure” also springs up in the dungeon, so adventurers with a lot of money gather in the dungeon. And the city prospered around the dungeon.

Ellen, the knight of the Kingdom of Paze, was heading for the dungeon town of Sodom.
Recently, “goblins” have come out from the back of the dungeon, causing damage to residents. Ellen was heading to the town as a starting lineup when the knight of the kingdom was asked to investigate and subdue it. Beside Ellen, she also refrains from the apprentice wizard Lilia.

“I can see the city over that hill.” — Ellen and Lilia whip their horses and try to run up the hill at once.

(Recognized initial bug)
-When defeating a symbol encounter (small fish), the symbol does not disappear from time to time.-Defeating an
enemy and changing the area during the item drop production. The next time you return to that area, the drop effect will be performed again.
・ When I’m poisoned by my stomach, the graphic on the menu doesn’t work.

・ If I get pregnant during pregnancy, the latter is given priority (it’s a little unnatural, but I’m trying to make it a specification)
 Example: I’m pregnant in a dungeon When I was raped in the city before giving birth and got a hit with a pregnancy roulette. Pregnancy in the city is prioritized for children.
・ If Ellen and Lilia are violated alternately and become pregnant, the parent’s name will not be entered correctly.

(Additional elements)
・ Recollection of battle erotic after clearing.
 * Adjusting not to get pregnant by recollection
・ Get pregnant at a semen collection event.










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