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ワルキューレロマンツェ More&More

Japanese | 7166mb | 2013/10/25

Fan disc of Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~ containing after stories for the 4 heroines of the original title, plus full routes for Bertille, Ayako, and Akane.

The world’s best knights gather at Winford Academy and it’s gotten quite lively with the jousting tournament nearing. Due to a misunderstanding, Takahiro’s osananajimi Mio was challenged by the proud Bertille to a match at the tournament. Since she hadn’t even rode on a horse before, he ended up guiding her to victory as a begleiter (knight’s assistant). With many watching the wonderful match, his skills as a begleiter were noticed by many students and they took quite an interest in him! However, he was unsure if he wanted to continue on as a begleiter or to return to being a knight. How will he fare in the both the arenas of jousting and love?

街を挙げて行われるジョスト (馬上槍試合) の大会を間近にし、盛り上がりを見せていた。 
そんな中、主人公――水野貴弘の幼なじみである希咲美桜 (きさき みお) が、ひょんな誤解から自信家の令嬢騎士ベルティーユ・アルチュセールと決闘をすることに !!
この見事な試合により、ベグライターとしての貴弘の評価は高まり、学園生たちの興味の的に !?


ベグライターとして試合に臨むのか、騎士へ復帰する道へと進むのか―― 揺れ動く貴弘。


そして、貴弘をめぐる少女たちの恋の行方は !?

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