The Third Princess’ Playing [RPG][English]

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* Due to the nature of the script used in this game, the image shown
in the title screen appears blocky. But there is no such problem with in-game pose art.


* Game Introduction
A certain boy is abducted by the third Princess of a certain country.
She offers him a game to challenge. The rule she explains is that
he has to escape from the mansion while she and her maid try to
catch him. He will be her slave if he failed!? Plus the Princess and
the maid has set H traps that would pleasingly treat him once he gets caught!
Can he overcome temptations and eventually escape from the mansion…?

* System
Escape from a large mansion! There are mini games and puzzle solvings
in the way. Being captured by the Princess or the maid prompts H scenes.
Walk-through guide is included so that it won’t be frustrating.

* Situations
No reversal at all! Totally femdom situations!
Verbally abused by the Princess, Generously squeezed by the maid…
Handjob, footjob, titjob and sex!

* Others
– Pretty pose art portrayed during conversations and H scenes!
– H scene count: 4 for the Princess + 4 for maid + 2 for threesome = 10 patterns
– Different dialogues in repeated H scenes
– Erotic SFX and visual effects are set in H scenes
– Please note that [this game does not contain CGs].

* Note
– Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

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