The NTR Pregnancy Hunting Adventure of Karen [RPG][English]

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Company:Three Rain
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Aaron and Karen, newlywed adventures couple, are worried that
they have not been blessed with a child. But one day they come to
know that there is a mythical potion in a certain dungeon, which
would hopefully turn the situation for the better. As soon as they
set their minds to do so, they move in the vicinity of the dungeon.

Thus these two’s adventure begins.

This game is separated into two parts:
– a part where you control Karen to beat dungeons and
– another part where you control Aaron to support her.

Aaron would notice that there are some unnatural blanks
that occasionally emerge during Karen’s adventure, although
Karen seems to go on dungeons diligently at first glance.

When it switches to Aaron’s part, you can see
what happened on Karen in a peeping room.

She sometimes lets men sleep together when pushed to do so.
There are stages of NTR (cuckoldry) scenes that she would
go up step by step and corrupt in the very end.

Dress-up, erotic status functions are also loaded.

17 base CGs
Focusing on NTR fetishism

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