The Church of Level Drain[RPG][Japanese]

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迷宮街のカーディン -異世界転生悪役令嬢憑依モノ- )

Japanese | 1,004mb | 2021/08/28

The barrier that protects the church from monsters … is powered by hero XP !?
The nuns you encounter at the end of your adventure require your help to protect the church.
But, you’re about to become an XP-offering masochist. ..!

You’ll get some lewd rewards for your level drain too.
The seduction from these sisters doesn’t stop!

Finally … a succubus arrives to plant the seeds of deeper fetishes (feet, armpit, saliva, smell .. .)!

45 H scenes total (Including 8 from Reminiscence For You Mode)
339 CG total including variations –Reminiscence For You Mode: Sister Rosa recounts to you some embarrassing stories from the past!

–Chastity Belt Mode: How much temptation can the hero endure when he can’t ejaculate !?

しかし、あなたはXPを提供するマゾヒストになろうとしています。 ..!


最後に...サキュバスが到着して、より深いフェティッシュ(足、脇の下、唾液、匂い.. ..)の種を植えます!

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