Tengu’s Camera ~Byakuren Hijiri~[RPG][Japanese]

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Japanese | 202mb | 2021/10/06

“The abbot of Myouren temple was seen in the village behaving intimately with a human male”
This information caught Aya Shameimaru’s (a reporter active in Gensokyoin) attention
You, as an ordinary villager, will assist Aya in investigating Byakuren Hijiri, the abbot of Myouren Temple.

◆A simple exploration game with 15-20 minutes gameplay
◆6 base HCG, 43 total (including cuts)
◆Players can adjust the difficulty of the game
◆Includes bonus content (4k cg, game walkthrough)

* The difficulty cannot be adjusted in the demo.


◆ボーナスコンテンツが含まれています(4k cg、ゲームウォークスルー)


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