Sorcerer of Revenge [ACT][English]

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[Soldier] “Village Head! Over here!”
[Village Head] “What?”
[Marie] “That is a really crude way of calling me. If you are after your hair growth medicine,
it is not ready yet”
[Village Head] “………..”
[Marie] (Doesn’t seem to be in the mood for jokes)
[Village Head] “This is Marie, the witch of the forest. Sometimes she has protected our village”
[Marie] “What? Yes…yeah…right (I sometimes whimsically prepared medicine for villagers afflicted
by the plague as well)”
[Village Head] “Everyone feels a debt of gratitude to her”
[Marie] “That does you credit”
[Village Head] “That is a shame. She has tried to betray us!”
[Marie] “Huh! What are you talking about?”
[Village Head] “I saw you in a cave away from the village the other day. Profuse amounts of magic
were flowing out of that cave”
[Marie] “I know there is strong magic there. Village Head…I thought you said you were going to survey it”
[Village Head] “Ah! Yes. And the result of the survey was that there is an artifact placed deep in the cave
and it is sucking up the magic from our village”
[Marie] “Really? If there was such a thing, I don’t think that I would notice…..”
[Village Head] “No. You noticed, but you let it go. You wanted to sacrifice us!”
[Marie] “What are you talking about?”
[Villagers] “Horrible……” “How could you…?” “We trusted you….”
[Marie] “No! You are mistaken! I don’t know anything about that!”
[Village Head] “After this, I just cannot look at you!”
[Villagers] “Actually I have always thought she was suspicious” “Hold a trial!” “Yes! Yes!”
[Marie] “You guys……”
[Village Head] “We need to punish her Marie witch of the forest for the crime she tried to commit against us!”
[Villagers] “Yeah!”

** Heroine

-Name: Marie
-Type: Sorceress
-Characteristics: Proud, strong-willed, haughty, reclusive.
Looks down on normal humans. Adult sister well in control.

** Adult action game

Action game of humans vs sorceress.

Armor breaks if you are attacked by the enemy.
If you are taken down by the enemy, you will be raped on the spot
(Escape with “Lever Gatcha)(swinging joystick wildly and pressing all buttons at once)

Take down the villagers and get hold of the mysterious artifact!

** Sex event

If you lose or the game progresses, sex scenes will be introduced.
Sex scenes and sex motion can also be replayed from the gallery.

Voice: Paco Shirakawa