Primera’s Curiosity [RPG][English]

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English | 210mb | 2017-11-23

The setting is a small quiet town. The protagonist is the Primera-chan, the only daughter of church. One day, after finishing her chores at the church she meets a weakened ‘spirit’? Primera-chan is forced to make a pact with the spirit and must help regaining MP…! It would seem that when people’s desires are fulfilled magical energy is produced. In the small town, Primera must collect magic while enduring sexual harassment!
 舞台はとある静かな街。主人公は教会の一人娘プリメラちゃん。  ある日、教会の手伝いを終えた帰りに、弱った精霊(?)と出会う。  精霊に無理やり契約させられたプリメラちゃんは、魔力集めを手伝うことに……!  どうやら人の欲が満たされると魔力が発生するらしいのです。  冒険者が立ち寄るこの町で、セクハラに負けずに魔力を集めなきゃ!
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