Prilimea ~ Sanatorium Girls ~[RPG][Japanese]

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Japanese | 287mb | 2021/08/03

The main character, Louis, uses his H skills to fight the enemy Succubus!
The "AP (Action Point)" consumed when using the H skill is determined by the weight of the item you have. All of the items have useful effects, but if you hold them too much, you will be restricted in your actions.
Let's proceed with the search for sanatorium while managing items well!

In the battle, in addition to the enemy's action text, 5 types of live text are prepared. Specifically, there are 5 patterns: "Simultaneous Iki", "Creampie", "Going out", "Medium Iki", and "Normal Iki".
Taking "Simultaneous Iki" as an example, this pattern can only be seen when Louis and the enemy's HP are 0 at the same time. You can enjoy various reactions depending on each other's HP and "whether or not it is inserted".

Enemy succubus can also be "tamed" and collected.
Carry enemies in the tame to the base, or carry a slightly heavy key to the closed door ...
A new type of battle fuck RPG that uses "weight" in various scenes!

Hスキルを使うときに消費する「AP(Action Point)」は、持っているアイテムの重さによって決まります。アイテムはどれも便利な効果を持っていますが、持ちすぎると行動を制限されてしまいます。



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