Nostalgic raper sinking in the lantern[RPG][Japanese]

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Japanese | 268mb | 2021/07/16

Game Overview]

☆ in order to transformation of Russia ○ Con wakes up from lucid dreaming to find their own, 
  and Nejifuse the resistance of the girls in the neighborhood of-passing of-acquainted 
  mind so conceived me abduction hit is also get-based non-field RPG ☆

▼ man Protagonist, faceless, silent during H ▼ Mostly
monochrome screen during the game

  There are a lot of kidnapping pleasure falling situations that make use of the crazy state of consciousness , such as favorite type from rape, unpleasant type, I could not win .


☆ 変態のロ○コンが自分を見つけて明晰夢から目覚めるために、 
  襲って拉致って孕ませて心もいただく系ノンフィールドRPGです ☆

▼ 男性主人公、顔なし、H中無言
▼ ゲーム中は概ねモノクロ画面
▼ レイプからの大好き系やイヤイヤ系、勝てなかったよ系など、

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