My piece[RPG][Japanese]

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Japanese | 336mb | 2021/10/02

■ Synopsis
Hideo Inatani, a boy with a strong game who was bullied by three girls
He became a player in a strategy game in response to the voice of God in the world of death.
The pieces of the players are the creatures that are most closely related to each other during their lifetime.
And Hideo Inatani's piece was the bullying girl trio!
If the girls lose, they will be raped by monsters, and if they win, their awareness as "pieces" will become stronger!
SRPG x Revenge Drama !! What is your choice?

三人の女子に死に至っていじめられたゲームが強い少年 稲谷 秀生、
そして稲谷 秀生の駒こそがそのいじめの女子三人組だった!
SRPG × 復讐劇!!あなたの選択は?

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