Moekko Nurse[ADV][Japanese]

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萌えッ娘ナース [7対応版]

Company: Roughly
Year: 22/04/2021
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: Games,Visual Novel / ADV,
Size: 209mb
Plataform: Windows
Download: MegaWorkupload

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Yukimura Nagare is a physician who works at "Domyoji General Hospital" and is a self-proclaimed young doctor Hope. I was traumatized by a love affair with a senior female doctor at the hospital where I used to work, and a colleague around me told me that I was "played and abandoned". Eventually, he quit the hospital and moved to the current Domyoji General Hospital. …… However, the ability of the style is recognized in this hospital, and there are many nurses who call out to me. Although honest mood was not bad, ... that was now the flow is gone completely become poor adults Bukkake women is "a woman is amenable to man, but only to the innocent daughter above all free of dirt!" In such, Among the patients in charge, Ryu was interested in a daughter named Tachibana Chishiro. Kayahaku has been hospitalized and discharged for a long time, and it seems that he has made few friends at school. White, ephemeral, and flower-like white on the verge of being broken by hand. And Kayahaku seems to have a faint favor for himself ... After knowing that, Ryu was robbing Kayahaku's virginity. Kayahaku, who was crying with deflowering blood, clung to me and begged me, "I will continue to be with you ...". Of course, I wouldn't let go ... Ryu said that way and hugged Kayahaku. Yes, that was the beginning of the relationship between Ryu and Kayahaku ...