Married Woman Touched-Hazuki-Sleep[Simulation][Japanese]

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触られる人妻 ~葉月~睡眠編

Japanese | 31mb | 2021/09/08

Feeling more touching than the previous work! There are more things you can do!

◆ Story
Hazuki, a married woman, naps in front of a boy who was looking at her with erotic eyes and exposes her defenseless appearance.
When that happens ...

◆ Game introduction
An interactive touch animation game made by Unity.

Let's blame the body of a married woman, Hazuki with various touching acts to make it feel good and cum.
The pleasure value will increase depending on where you touch and how you touch it.
Increasing the sensitivity and excitement value makes it easier to increase the pleasure value.

As the development level (up to 5) goes up, you will be able to do more things such as posture and tools.

It can be operated only with the mouse (some keyboard shortcuts are available)

The number of cuts that can be touched is 5.

◆ Voice material: Tiger Lily / CV Momoka Yuki

・ This work is made by Unity.
-In the trial version, you can play the first napping part. If you touch it to some extent, you will wake up and return to the title.
* Please be sure to check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.

前作よりおさわり感アップ! 出来ることが増えました!







◆音声素材: タイガーリリー/CV柚木桃香


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