Last dungeon of defeat – Humiliation for female warrior Erina [ACT][English]

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The heroes were defeated.
Monsters to threaten mankind had appeared. A decade or so had passed since the start of the monster invasion.
The monk Erina was on of the heroes sent to cull the numbers of monsters in the monster castle.
The group assaulted the castle, but could not reach the monster king. Unable to match the four heavenly kings, they were decimated.

Erina stayed alive despite the struggle. She had the power to purify the spirit of the monsters and she let her other comrades escape.
She somehow escaped the monster castle, and communicated the report on the defeat of the heroes to the King.
However, her hesitation with the purifying power, and the humiliation to follow was a source of infinite pleasure for the monsters.
Seeking her smooth body, the group of monsters, dripping saliva in anticipation, attacked together.
Trying to rouse her heart which was about to break, Erina fled.

** Sex scenes

* Armor break
She fought valiantly on with her embarrassing parts in full view.

* Dot sex animation
She was defiled by the enemy on the spot.
You can magnify and shrink the screen during the sex animation scenes.

* Event sex scenes
In one picture, and its differential, Erina is systematically abused.
Fear, entreaty, despair, climax
Enjoy our high quality illustrations.

*All of the sex scenes can be replayed from the gallery.

** Game

This is an orthodox 2D action game.
Defeat the enemies, and while avoiding the traps, proceed to escape from the monster king castle.

Your armor breaks when taken down by the enemy.
If you are taken down in that state, you will be raped by the enemy.

It is possible to increase strength and HP in the intervals.
Battle to increase your level while considering the war status.