Kyokugen Chikan Tokuiten [ADV][Japanese]

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Company:Astronauts: Sirius
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Mega Mediafire


The underground group “Vatican” is comprised of fetishists who enjoy public molestation (Chikan). The “Feelers” of this group prepare videos of these lewd acts to members. The group members enjoy the videos and generously reward the Feelers for their services.

Kusakabe Kiichi is young, unemployed and leads a dull, unfulfilling life. He is a freelance Chikan; one day a mysterious person “Kameo” scouts him out to help make videos for the Vatican group. Kiichi molests others for his personal enjoyment, so the thought of doing so for others and getting paid for it to boot convinces Kiichi to use the skills praised by Kameo to make videos for the group as well as take the opportunity to test how far his skills can take him.

Inside the packed trains swirling with lust, Kiichi uses his refined molestation techniques and his eye for picking out girls who desire to be molested to drag countless victims into the whirlpool of pleasure. Standing in Kiichi’s way are rivals belonging to the Vatican group. Law enforcement, the hounds seeking the destruction of the molester groups, have Kiichi firmly in its sights.

What is the “Ark” which victims addicted to the pleasure of Chikan board? What is the true aim of the Chikan fetishist group “Vatican”?

Inside the chaotic darkness of the modern world where all manner of predators prowl, Kiichi’s techniques will lay bare the desires of women.