Kuesuto & Quest-Dwarf Daughter Hannah & Rio Sister Bowl Edition[RPG][Japanese]

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くえすと&クエスト~ ドワーフ娘のハンナ&リオ姉妹丼編

Japanese | 803mb | 2021/08/01

■ Synopsis ■

Hannah, a new adventurer and bright and lively dwarf daughter, was having a party with her lover Sai, who is also a new adventurer.
The senior adventurer Coccard, who I met in the Adventurer's Guild, joins there. Hannah was taken down by Kokkar's hand while fulfilling the request (previous work until here)

Haruka's younger sister, Rio, visited Hannah from her parents' house.
However, Rio feels uncomfortable with her sister Hannah, who she meets after a long time, and realizes that the cause is the senior adventurer Coccard, who is forming a party with her.
Rio, who knows the relationship between Sai and Hannah, makes a proposal in Coccard there. Will it be a big miscalculation for Rio-or a new path?
How does Coccard work, knowing Rio's speculation?
What is the fate of Hannah and Rio ?!




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