KNIGHT SLAVE -The Dark Valkyrie of Depravity- [RPG][English]

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KNIGHT SLAVE ~堕落の黒きワルキューレ~

English | 1.01GB | 2021-07-01

Refia, a young female Dark Elf knight, lost a battle to obtain supremacy of darkness. By the curse of the Black Dragon, Refia lost all powers to perform her Special Attacks. Refia, with her twin attendants, barge into the dens of evil with her sword to regain her glory. Fight on, using Refia’s matchless, powerful consecutive sword attacks!​
闇の覇権を賭けた決闘に破れたダークエルフの少女騎士レフィア。 黒き竜の呪いによって、犯されないと己が奥義を取り戻せない! 双子のメイド従者とともに悪の巣窟に殴り込み、肉体と剣をもって再び栄光を取り戻すのだ。 連撃無双のレフィアの剣を操り戦い抜いていく!
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