Insult video shoot[ADV][Japanese]

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Company: Lilith
Year: 26/11/2020
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: Games,Visual Novel / ADV,
Size: 150mb
Plataform: Windows
Download: MegaWorkupload

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The teacher, Reiichi Kusunoki, had the back face of trapping female students, shooting rape videos, and selling them. He was allowed to engage with Erina Hosokawa, a student and granddaughter of the president of the school, because of his well-behaved face. However, the engagement is broken by someone's secret notice. Reiichi tried to catch the criminal and win the engagement again, peeling off the black fangs on the back of the face ... !!■ Threatening the girl and shooting a devil !! Forced service to the students using a homeless, in a school swimsuit Pies gangbang etc, you can enjoy the content, such as rape and planning mono video in real! ■ uniform, swimsuit, rich costumes! for naked apron, such as rape  rape by the uniform, of course, swimsuit or naked apron There are plenty of costume variations such as! ■ Enhanced full-screen animation  This time, we enhanced the animation to draw hair and breast sway more precisely and realistically, and depict a hard etch expression!