Impregnate the Villainess![ADV][Japanese]

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Japanese | mb | 2021/07/25

A secret, evil organization lurks in the shadows…
Our story follows one of the organization’s grunts as he fights alongside his leader Beris to spread evil through the world!

Today’s plan was to merely attack some citizens, but somehow the group still failed! Beris is furious, and pledges to subject her underlings to intense training. Our hero prepares for his ultimate fate, but he’s got nothing to lose — might as well go for one last hurrah! So he throws himself at his boss, and to his surprise, she doesn’t resist. She has zero sexual experience, after all…

And it doesn’t stop there… now she’ll do anything she’s ordered to!

On the surface everything appears normal. In reality, however, Beris is not a total masochist slut!





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