Imperial Harlem-SLG that touches and falls-[Simulation][Japanese]

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インペリアルハーレム ~さわって堕とすSLG~

Japanese | 602mb | 2021/06/11

★ Synopsis
You are the minister of an empire.
The good thing about the emperor lying on his bed is that he has moved politics at will and has been fattening himself.
But Princess Tiana, the only daughter of the emperor, and her aides are threatening your position.
They advocate innocent politics and move to eliminate you as a vassal.
You have fallen into a political crisis.
The mysterious “ring” that captivates a woman changes your destiny

-Arles, the maid chief of the beast human race, who is extremely good at fighting and intelligence.
-Put the gap of the estrus period peculiar to the beastman and fall into a sexual slave like a beast! A

research enthusiast court alchemist, Fee, who pursues “truth” as the supreme value.
-Make it crazy with sexual pleasure, break the expressionlessness like a mask!

And a beautiful princess, Tiana, who has a noble spirit than anyone else.
-Use even your trusted aides, do everything you can to break their hearts !!

Three beautiful women who are also your hateful political enemies.
In the pleasure of “your touch,” she our mind body also, and real power of the empire even Osamero to in the hand!
Laplace is give “you touch Torture simulation” is, finally to break through the limits of the expressive power!






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