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Idol Miserable ~ Scattered Virgin ~[Simulation][Japanese]

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アイドル無惨 〜散らされる処女〜

Company: Ai BAR
Year: 31/03/2021
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: Games,Simulation,
Size: 464mb
Plataform: Windows
Download: MegaWorkupload


The main character "Yuya Kamidai" (you), who has just started working at the talent agency, was suddenly called by the president, Gondo. The mission of the newcomer Yuya was to "produce a new idol unit". The duo idol unit is named "Lemon Leaf", and two innocent girls decided at the president's discretion are selected. Yuya had no idea at this time. The reason why this idol unit was formed and the president's gloomy thoughts ... The reason for the formation of the idol unit ... That is, the heroes in the back world of the entertainment world are trying hard to shine aiming for the top of the industry. It was a stage prepared to humiliate healthy girls !! Even though the virgins were miserably scattered, the girls who want to work hard to raise their name and aim to become popular idols. Can you safely raise "Lemon Leaf" as a producer as a popular idol?