Hilzartov Fairy: Size Doesn’t Matter [ADV][English]

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Hilzartov Fairy: Size Doesn’t Matter

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Mega Mediafire

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“Clearly a labour of love for the artist behind it, Hilzartov Fairy gave me the chance to explore some exciting, physically impossible erotic fantasies… and to have fun cracking a few goblin skulls along the way.”


A fairy has moved into your home to protect something special growing in your garden. Her name is Isabella and she is here to protect the sacred rainbow fruit; and to do that she will need your help. Give her a tour of your home and get to know her and perhaps your relationship with her will go to the next level.

Learn more about her and the realm she comes from and take care of her needs as they arise. She has a spunky personality but is very kind at heart. Help her defeat the evil goblins who are after the rainbow fruit and you will unlock sex scenes. Despite her size she is a very capable lover, and will do her very best to please you. From oral sex to full penetration she will love being with you.

In this kinetic novel you’ll experience what it’s like to get closer to and have intimate relations with a pint sized fairy! You’ll also put your skills to the test fighting evil goblins that are up to no good with arcade style levels! This game includes thirteen frame by frame animated scenes and a fully voiced female fairy! This is a fully uncensored game!