Former senior citizen I was made a meat slave[RPG][Japanese]

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Japanese | 803mb | 2021/07/15

Game Overview

The basis of this game is an orthodox JRPG system.
Based on that , games such as “Lustfulness system”, “Erotic CG easy recovery system”,
“Erotic scene, forced release system”, “Zako enemy sexual harassment attack”,
“Desert power-up system”, “Manager land”, “Replay dungeon”, etc.
It is a full-fledged RPG that pursues playability and fun as well.

“Lustfulness system” ◇◇◇ When an
enemy makes an erotic attack, “Lustfulness” will be accumulated.
The degree of lust will be
the second financial role, such as advancing adventures, powering up, and releasing sub-H, so
fight against gangbang enemies and receive erotic attacks.

“Erotic CG easy recovery system” ◇◇◇ Completely eliminates the hassle of playing the same adventure twice, such as
“defeat and collect erotic scenes” → “win and proceed with the scenario” that is common in erotic RPGs. It is equipped with the above system. We hope you will experience that comfort. “Erotic scene, forced release system” ◇◇◇ If you clear the main scenario, you will be able to forcibly release all H scenes at any time. As a result, even those who are not good at replaying elements can easily enjoy all the erotic scenes .





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