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迷宮街のカーディン -異世界転生悪役令嬢憑依モノ- )

Japanese | 369mb | 2021/09/24

The protagonist has been very successful in trading stocks at a young age and is living a half-neat life.
Having enough assets to play and live for the rest of his life, his greatest pleasure is to meet a beautiful wife with a child who recently moved next door.
Every time she meets her face when taking out the trash, the hero who was horny with an erotic body comes to have a desire to conceive her on behalf of her husband.
Eventually, the hero who couldn’t control his desires approached the heroine skillfully in order to realize his desires.
When she heard her worries that she wanted a second baby but couldn’t do it, she said that she would
help her get pregnant, and forcibly formed a physical relationship with the heroine she hated. I will end up.
After that, the hero steals his husband’s eyes and seeks the ripe body of the heroine almost every day.
At first, the heroine was resisting, but as she piled up her body with the main character many times, she drowned in the pleasure that she couldn’t get from having sex with her husband …


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