Be exposed right behind your friend![Simulation][Japanese]

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Japanese | 101mb | 2021/09/14

Be exposed right behind your friend! [Bomagoe]
A girl (Akira) whose hobby is exposure
I will work on exposure so that it will not be noticed right behind my best friend girl (linker)

☆ Game features
・ For one day (30 seconds in the game), you will be exposed without being noticed by your best friend girl.

-There is no key operation. Tap and click to do all the operations

・ We will acquire new exposure skills with the points acquired in the game.

・ The more advanced the exposure skill, the more points you can earn, but it is also easier to get rid of.

-Each exposure skill has a unique animation, an event when it gets caught, and an extra illustration, which can be viewed at any time on the gallery page after acquisition.

・ There are 15 exposure skills in total.

・ For those who want to browse only naughty galleries quickly, we have included a cheat command that can be lifted collectively (product version only).
ズッ友の真後ろで露出したれ! [bomagoe]









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