Ai Suru Tsuma, Haruka ga Netorareru Wake ~Hoka no Otoko ni Dakare Iki Kuruu Inran Shitai [ADV][JAPANESE]

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愛する妻・晴留香が寝取られるわけ ~他の男に抱かれイキ狂う淫乱肢体~

Company:Atelier Sakura
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Size:841.4 MB
Mega Mediafire

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The protagonist, Noriyuki, lost his young wife to an illness a few years ago. In the midst of despair, he met Haruka who then supported him.

Afterwards, Haruka’s existence meant a lot more for Noriyuki, which led him to opening up about his late wife and proposing for marriage, to which Haruka accepted.

Their happy married life started, with Noriyuki working at a company and Haruka working at the university she graduated from.

One day, the younger brother of Noriyuki’s late wife, Rikurou, who he hasn’t been at contact with for a long time, appeared before him with a DVD. Inside the DVD is a video of Haruka being fucked by Rikurou, with her defloration scene on tape as well. When he asked Haruka about it, she said it was a folly of her youth.

However, Noriyuki saw it as a mere thing of the past and not something they should worry about, and that even he himself had another woman in the past. Once again confirming their love for each other, the trouble was gone.

Or so he thought…

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