A town that lives with demons Anytime, anywhere, any daughter can do whatever they want !? Super Freedom Action RPG![RPG][Japanese]

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鬼と共に生きる町 いつでもどこでもどの娘でもヤりたい放題!?超フリーダムアクションRPG!

Japanese | 286mb | 28/05/2021

The biggest feature of the town that lives with demons is “Super Freedom” !! In
addition to the main quest, there are many situations such as sub-quests and mini-events. If you get tired of normal play, you can always attack all the NPCs walking in the town, not to mention the main characters.
Running around the town naked and sneaking into a women’s toilet or a women’s bath is just before breakfast. If you find a girl you like, you can lock it up in a prison and change your clothes to play.
You can make friends with girls and love them, or you can run around naked to relieve your daily stress, everything is up to you.

メインクエストの他にもサブクエストやミニイベントなど、たくさんのシチュエーションが用意されています。 普通のプレイに飽きたら、主要キャラはもちろん、町を歩くNPC全員にいつでも襲いかかることができます。

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