Ore to 5-nin no Yome-san ga Raburabu nano wa, Mirai kara Kita Aka-chan no Okage ni Chigainai!? [Japanese]

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Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Genre:Comedy, Romance, Incest, Teacher, Shota, Harem, School-Girl, Glasses, Loli, Catgirl
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The protagonist was living a relatively normal school life when one day, a baby appeared together with thunder! He didn’t believe it, but it was his own daughter from the future. Forced to take care of the baby, a ‘baby club’ was created at school with his classmates, kouhais and teacher helping him. That’s one problem solved, but then he inherited a large enterprise. Due to countermeasures against the declining birthrate, the rich must have multiple wives. So, he proposed to all the members in the baby club.

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john ngo
john ngo
5 mayo, 2017 5:23

This is just my opinion but I have to clarify I did not finish the game because it was fun while it lasted but it gave a poor I am a really poor excuse for a Harem I shit you not so in order to save your cousin from marriage and take over company you must marry 5 women 0_0 I shit you not that the plot for the heroins. That right there cause me disappointment in this game. I played ones with a harem in it but this one is a poor excuse for one in my opinion,

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