Omoide Kakaete Ai ni Koi!! [ADV][Japanese]


Japanese | 2.92GB | 2021-09-24

Spring, the season of encounters and partings. It’s spring break, and Sakawa Haruki is about to go into 3rd grade.

His childhood friend group includes: Kuriyama Tomari, Tokorozawa Iku, and Sugou Chisato. 2 new girls just joined the group: Harunohara Yuuna, who lives in the next town over, and Nishitani Shizuru, who just moved into the neighborhood.

Ironically, at the same time these 2 girls joined, Haruki had to move away from home and his childhood friends.

During spring many years later, Haruki’s father gets transferred to work overseas. Haruki decides to stay in Japan to concentrate on university entrance exams, and ends up living in an apartment owned by a relative. This apartment happens to be in the same town where he parted from his childhood friends.

Thus, the rails of fate cause Haruki and his childhood friends to meet once again.

Haruki was worried that the girls wouldn’t accept him in the group like they did in the past, but despite the long gap, they were happy to see him and welcomed him back warmly. However, the fact that these girls have grown into beautiful women has caused Haruki to feel more embarrassed than happy.

As they reminisce about the past, filling in the blanks between the time they parted, he’ll get to know them and perhaps enter into a relationship with one of them…

春、出会いと別れの季節。 酒匂晴輝が、小学3年生への進級を目前に控えていた春休み。 近所に住む栗山兎鞠(くりやまとまり)、 所沢郁(ところざわいく)、 洲郷千聖(すごうちさと)、 たちとの仲良しグループに、新たな仲間が加わった。隣町に住む春ノ原優菜(はるのはらゆうな)、 引っ越してきた西溪静流(にしたにしずる)。しかし皮肉にもそれと同じタイミングで、晴輝は遠くへ引っ越すことが決まっており、大好きな仲間たちとも離れ離れになってしまう。そしてそれから何年も経った春。 父の海外赴任を機に、大学受験を控えた晴輝は単身日本に残ることを決める。 その結果、親戚の持つアパートで生活することになるが……。 実はそのアパート、かつて仲良しグループと別れた街にあるという。こうして再び重なり合う晴輝とヒロインたちとの運命のレール。昔のように受け入れてくれるのか心配もあったが、久しぶりにもかかわらず、晴輝の帰還をみんな喜び、温かく迎えてくれる。 ただ晴輝にとっては“女の子”から、綺麗な大人の“女性”へと成長したヒロインたちに囲まれると、嬉しさ以上に照れくささでいっぱいになってしまうほど。思い出話で昔を振り返りつつ、空白の期間を埋めることでお互いを知り、幼なじみからもっと特別な関係へ……。
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