NTR Wife Mikiko – Sorry my dear, I was lonely [RPG][English]

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ネトラレ妻 美希子~ごめんなさい、あなた。私、堕とされました。だってあなたが放っておくから…寂しかったの。~ (RJ311259)

A traditional NTR RPG story! NTR can be avoided, but there are no happy endings...There are three main antagonists: a chad, a tall guy with a big dick, and a short one. There is an ending for each one of them, plus an additional "Revenge Route".

Full Description

High school sweethearts have a bit of a lull period after marriage.
What awaits this pure wife when foul men get their hands on her?

A traditional NTR RPG story!
NTR can be avoided, but the ending will not see the two of you together.

– Achievements included
– 4 sub-heroines
– No sex, but lots of lewd

30+ base CG
60+ variation event scenes
700+ CG total

A horror event is included, but it can be toggled off.
You can access the Galley right after the Opening.
Please see the readme for more details.

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