Nekura Ijimerarekko o Tasuketara Natsukareta! ~Kakure Bakunyuu Bishoujo to Iinari Haramase Dousei Seikatsu~ [English]



Company:Miel / Translator group: Dekiru Translations
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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The beautiful busty girl you defended becomes your slave?
She lives with you and has all the sex you could desire!

You saved a girl classmate and she devoted herself to you.
Not just at school but at home too, she’s always there. A life of two.
Master and servant. Your wish is her command.
Enjoy the lewd life with a girlfriend who makes you her only priority.

[From DLsite English]

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8 Mai, 2017 3:08

i cant play it’s say syntax error. Any advice ???

The Jingo
The Jingo
Reply to  +Black+Death+
10 Februar, 2018 2:20

change your unicode

Levi Dreamer
Levi Dreamer
30 März, 2017 1:42

Hello admin I have tried to run it in a Japanese admin but still that blue thing pop up and nothing happened can you please give the instruction on how to fix this Thnx……I will be waiting for your answer please Asap…….Admin…

Reply to  Levi Dreamer
5 Februar, 2018 9:00

try set system locale to japanese and set region japanese, btw i always do that when game wont run, and it always work
#sorry for bad english

Levi Dreamer
Levi Dreamer
Reply to  Levi Dreamer
30 März, 2017 1:48

Hello Admin????? or anyone there can here me…be patience for me….sorry bad english no offence…

Sugiura Yoshitoki
Sugiura Yoshitoki
16 März, 2017 6:32

it doesn’t work a blue screen pops up then it says control from the game and a error comes up. Any advice to fix it. my computer is a windows 7. it says syntax error. \(○^ω^○)/
Reply to  Sugiura Yoshitoki
16 März, 2017 6:35

Do you have unicode in japanese?

Sugiura Yoshitoki
Sugiura Yoshitoki

Nope but ill do it right now. Thnx

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