My Girlfriend is Everyone’s Toilet Bitch [RPG][Japanese]


僕の彼女はみんなの肉便器~内緒で覗いた活動記録 (RJ373617)

Japanese | 432mb | 08/05/2022

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Yuka Ootsuki is a childhood friend who has been dating since junior high school.
She is always cheerful, has a sense of justice, and is popular with both men and women.
The couple gets along well and the other day they finally spent a night together.

However, for the past few days she has been looking depressed.
When I ask her why, she just shrugs it off.

Then, a test was conducted at the school.
It is a test to find out who are “immune constitution people,” people who do not get sick.
If you are an “immunocompetent person,” you will have a wider range of career choices, so everyone was waiting for the results with a restless look on their faces.

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