My childhood friend is a comforting chief – Everyone’s Sex Slave Declaration v1.01 [SLG][Japanese]


幼馴染は慰員長〜みんなの性奴隷宣言〜 (RJ375331)

Japanese | 1.03GB | 12/05/2022

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Megumi Kogo, a childhood friend who lives next door to Otomu Hanabatake, invades Otomu’s room from the balcony every night and sleeps with her.He is warm and smells like a man. The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that I am not a fan of the “man’s smell”. This is the smell of cock……”“It doesn’t smell like that. !!!!The first time you see a newborn baby, you’ll know that you’re in love with him or her.Then one day, a system was enacted to appoint a single “head of staff” at every school. The head of the “comfort staff,” whether a student or a teacher, must do whatever he or she is told, and Megaki is quickly turned into a slave for the students.The pure love for Megaki, who is broken into pieces, is transformed into a horrific madness. ───────
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