Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato [ADV][Japanese]

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Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Sunday, July 10th, 2061. Nariyama City, Chiba Prefecture.

Our protagonist, Yamanashi Sora, rebuilt a radio out of the parts he had laying around.

“… I made it in time.”

It had been exactly 15 years since the artificial pigeons began to devour radio waves.
Using the transceiver left to him by his father, Sora started his radio broadcast.

The day after, the radio received a perplexing broadcast from elsewhere.

“— Continuing our report on the August 1st Oozora crash landing incident. Yamanashi Sora-san was found deceased on the site of Terminal 1. Injuries were also reported at the Nariyama Aeronautics Academy.”

It was a broadcast from the future.

“I’m… going to die in three weeks…?”

After hearing the broadcast, Sora stepped into the ruins of Nariyama Airport Terminal 1 for the first time in 15 years.
It was once a central hub of international travel. It was also where Sora had lost his parents.
Having lost its former glory, countless artificial pigeons now nest in its decrepit remains.

It was there that Sora met the silver-haired girl.
Petting the artificial pigeon resting atop her finger, she looked straight into Sora’s eyes.

“… You’re not going to die.”

Sora stood dumbfounded as she quietly continued.

“That’s what I’ve decided.”
“Because… Because I want to see you smiling when you look up at the sky, Sora.”

And that was the meeting of Yamanashi Sora and Hazuki Kaguya.

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