Milk Girl Sweet memories of summer [Simulation][English-Chinese-Japanese]


母乳少女~夏の甘い思い出【同棲SLG、オープンワールド型】 (RJ387608)

Simulation of living together with a girl with mother's milk I'm going to live together with my childhood friend Ayaka during the summer vacation. Ayaka is troubled by her mother's milk production She is like a little sister, and I want to solve her problem! I think that naughty things may solve her problem. Let's do naughty things during the summer vacation!​

Full Description

More than 40 missions and 150 sub-missions!
Open-world mission system!
You can complete missions in any order you like!
By completing sub-missions, her likability or lewdness will increase.
New sex events will be released when you reach the specified lewdness level.

You can earn money by working part-time.
Raising cats.
Buying adult goods.
or secretly calling a delicatessen…?

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Deyan Sudjic
Deyan Sudjic
1 November, 2022 10:11 am LOVE IS BETTER SHARED ;)

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