Mellow Pink ~The Prostitute and the Swordswoman and the Men~[RPG][English]


Mellow Pink~娼婦と剣士と男たち~

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* The Red-light District Town…Mellow Pink

Mellow Pink, the town with an extensive red-light district.
There lives the swordswoman Roumage with her sick father.

They are told by the doctor, that he only has a week left to live.

Initially, Roumage is distraught, but her prostitute friend Sistia
hears rumors of a cure-all remedy called the “ephelta” herb
that has come through Port Time Daugherty.

Roumage sets out to search for the herb and save her father.
With her friend, Sistia the prostitute, they start their journey.
Roumage vows to do whatever it takes to save her father’s life.

* The Two Girls

Mellow Pink is a town with love hotels and a red-light district for different sex events.
Sex is her forte! Enjoy as Sistia, the prostitute, services men sexually.

Not one to give up, Roumage does her best to keep up, but has a hard time.
One misstep and the brutal men will ravage her without mercy.
Even then, she can’t give up on saving her father’s life.

* Miscellaneous

Part of Mellow Pink’s appeal is that you can trigger different events depending who’s on your team.
Such as brothel scenes that happen when alone, different members trigger different events.
There are multiple endings, even a sad one, so watch what you do.

Also, if you have actual sex, it is possible to get pregnant.
It is sad to see an ARMOR BREAK while pregnant, but she can’t be broken hearted about it.

From the Status Screen, you can always replay scenes.
Unrelated to clearing the game, different characters can trigger
different sex events. Go meet people alone and move about freely.

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