Me ga Sametara Seieki ga 100 Bai Tamaru Karada ni Natteta -> Tairyou Chuunyuu! [Japanese]

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Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Genre:Ahegao, Pregnant, Gyaru, Harem, School-Girl, Maid
Mega Mediafire

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A guy whose mind was filled with fantasy went to an adult shop for a fleshlight. He also bought a strange supplement called the “Spunkstrength 100x Power Getter!!”
Taking some before bed, he woke up with the craziest erection in his life! He obviously wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to masturbate, but when he came,
he came and came huge loads until his futon was sagging like wet french toast.

“Spunkstrength 100x” was no joke. It really made him cum the equivalent of 100 ejaculations.

He could f*ck, but in the meantime he couldn’t stop masturbating. The jizz flew up and out, everywhere. …… He understood the value of what he had but, just exactly how should he use it? He seemed to be in a bind — but actually, life just got way easier!

Just by going outside he reeked of manly pheromones that made every woman swoon. The women came at him and came on him and just kept coming, like his amazing spunkstrength. Load after load blasted into hot ladies of every kind. At last, the guy’s life was beginning to exceed his fantasies!!

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The Jingo
The Jingo
31 December, 2017 8:12 am

need translate pls

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