Mao the Ignorant Daughter and the City of the Fallen [RPG][Japanese]


無知っ娘マオと堕落の街 (RJ372085)

Japanese | 1.32GB | 13/05/2022

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This is a small story spun by Mao, a fighting girl who aims to be the strongest, and her partner, a boy named Theo, on a lush green planet in a certain dimension of space.

The stage is set in Anatile, a kingdom that has settled down after a territorial dispute.
The kingdom is currently booming thanks to a special demand boom created by adventurers.

Blankmont, a sacred mountain in the northern part of the kingdom.
A huge labyrinth was discovered beneath this sacred mountain, filled with abundant magical power.

A few days later, the Kingdom of Anatile disclosed information that this labyrinth belonged to an ancient kingdom that believed in an ancient god.
Adventurers, upon hearing this information, rushed to the Anatile Kingdom, seeking the treasures of the ancient kingdom that had fallen into oblivion and were still lying dormant in the labyrinth.

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