Succubus-san Is My Waifu! v2 [Android][SLG/Anime][Japanese]

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サキュバスさんは僕の嫁! Ver.2

Company:Blue Color Lab
Type:Simulation / Anime
Plataform:Android 5.0+
Mega Mediafire

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** Notice: This product is a video work that runs as an application **
** Can be played on Windows, Mac and Android (later than 5.0) **

You have lived in married life with a succubus Nuyts Furt for years.
You have somehow been bewildered by her intense sexual desire,
but anyway you enjoy flirty-dirty married life together with her.

Since succubus’ meal is nothing but sperm, you are cumsqueezed
by Nuyts by her superior sexual techniques like handjob, fellatio, sex and…
She relentlessly strikes your body with her waist… She can hardly
be satisfied by amount of sperm you provide. On the day of wedding
anniversary, she says she will cumsuck you 24 hours
long without allowing you to pull it out of her…

Cumsqueezed dry by a succubus in smoothly moving animations!
A huge volume of 36 minutes playback time!
Before thinking, please see her bouncing boobs first.

First Half: “I’m hungry so I’ll suck cumforce out of you!
Latter Half: “It’s our wedding anniversary! Let’s have sex all day!”

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