Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi [ADV][Japanese]

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Yes (Only Sprites E-Mote)Sprites dont need to be continuously animated but they have a very large palette of expressions and gestures that is used very often. They have internal movements that normal sprites cant do.

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Mega Mediafire

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In a break from tradition, the player is placed in the role of Yoshimura Osamu, a 28 year old man that, as our story begins, is walking home after getting drunk to forget the problems in his life. He recently lost his job as an accountant due to corporate downsizing. On his way home he bumps into a kind and attractive woman named Hinosaka Honoka, who consoles him and tries to cheer him up. Before parting ways, she mentions that if he needs a place to stay, to look her up.

Unsurprisingly, our protagonist is smitten by Honoka’s kindness, and three months later decides to take her up on her offer. Her house turns out to be a large boarding house, but much to his dissapointment, Honoka is nowhere to be found. Instead, he comes face-to-face with Honoka’s teenage daughter Mitoko. At first, Mitoko is hostile to him and attacks him when she thinks that he is the man her mother ran away with. After clearing things up, Osamu finds out that Honoka ran off with some man, leaving her daughter all alone to take care of the boarding house their family owned along with dealing with school and everything else. Feeling bad for Mitoko (not to mention he had made arrangements to move into the boarding house already), Osamu decides to stick around and help Mitoko while she waits for her mother to return. The story kind of goes from there, exploring Osamu’s past and lacking traits as an adult, while also allowing the player to witness Mitoko’s growth as a person with the support of her tenants and Osamu.

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