Night Road [Action][English]

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Added support for English and Spanish.

*Rape Viewing Mode added. This mode will automatically unlock after completing the game. It can also be unlocked manually.

* Fixed a textual error when using the Keyboard configuration, where messages displaying the S key actually required the Space key.

In the pitch-black night, a girl opened her eyes,
in her hazy mind, a whisper was building — “I have to go”.
In the desolate blackness, the only thing she could hear was a mysterious voice.

A side-scrolling horror action game in which a lone girl traverses through darkness.
Use items freely, engage in combat, and help her escape from the monstrous hands that
torment her.

*Please be warned, this work contains extreme violence.

– Includes multiple weapons like bats, handguns, shotguns, and more.
– The very first enemies may be difficult with the bat, so it might be a good idea to advance a little further without fighting.
– The bat is somewhere on the second floor of the school.
– There’s a save point in the girls’ restroom on the school’s first floor.
– Multiple locations! School, countryside, mountain road, and more! Maps included! Earn
passage to new areas as your character gains new abilities.
– You can only recover health with food.
– Enemies will not reappear when defeated.
– There is a limit to the number of items that can be carried except in certain circumstances.
– You’ll get dirty after being assaulted by enemies. Dirt can be cleaned in baths around
– There are items that increase defense, but they don’t protect from sexual attacks.
– Can be played with a keyboard or a game pad — mouse not required.

CV: Phan Masaki

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